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The Utah Department of Health (UDOH) under its authority in Utah Code §26-6-3, of the Utah Communicable Disease Control Act requests information on possible contacts for a worksite-related exposure to COVID-19. Under Utah Code §26-6-6(8), individuals aware of those with a communicable disease are required to report the positive person and other possible suspected exposures. Please provide employee names and contact information (full name, DOB, gender, phone, email, address) for further investigation and follow-up.

The information you provide is saved in a confidential and secure database. Only the state or local health department contact tracing teams will have access to this information. This information will help public health learn more about COVID-19 spread and possibly contact individuals who were exposed to determine if quarantine is necessary.

HIPAA exempts the release of personally-identifiable for the purpose of public health and OSHA use. Employers have access to their employer’s date of birth and can contact their HR department if the supervisor doesn’t have it on hand. Health Information Privacy.

For critical infrastructure (essential workers) safety information please visit and download this pdf.

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